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This single origin comes from Piendamo, located in one of the most well-known coffee-producing regions in Colombia – Cauca boasts a stable microclimate, ideal for coffee production.  -- You only live once, so why not enjoy the candied orange, lemon, milk chocolate profile of this incredible varietal.

  • Origin: Columbia
  • Farm: Piendamo Cauca
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Process: Fully washed
  • Altitude: 1,650 to 1,850 meters above sea level
  • Town / City: Piendamo
  • Region: Cauca
  • Owner: Various smallholder producers
  • Farm Size: 1.5 hectares on average

    It is rumoured that Piendamo was the first coffee-producing community of Cauca, and still maintains its cultural production. Prior to the Spanish arrival, local indigenous populations called the Nasas populated these valleys. The tribes were able to preserve their culture and tradition throughout the Cauca department over time and still maintain traditional methods of coffee production today. Other indigenous communities include the Paeces, Misak and Guambianos.

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